Powder coating equipment, Powder coating systems,Powder coating Gun At present we exported into more than 100 countries for 10 years ,more and more user choose COLO and Satisfied with COLO.
  • COLO-S-1517


    Manual powder spray booth

    Powder Coating Booths for Manual Operation, nice working of kinds of small to medium products.
  • COLO-S-3222


    Walk-in powder coating booth

    Walk-in powder spray booth are ideal when coating large and bulky or heavy parts.
  • Colo-800D-L2


    Powder Coating Spray Gun

    features a hopper to hold large quantities of powder for continuous use
  • CL-161S-B


    New Manual powder box feed unit

    This New box feed powder coating gun system is for high quality production
  • Colo-L-V


    Vertical aluminum powder coating line

    Vertical aluminum powder coating production line for huge production capacity user
  • COLO-S-2315


    Manual Powder Coating Booth

    This serise Manual booth are idea for entire manual coating range from small batches to big single items .