SandBlasting Equipment

Colo produce sandblasting equipment from last three years. At present we exported into more than 100 countries for 10 years ,more and more user choose COLO and Satisfied with COLO.
  • COLO-3409ZS


    Automatic Sand Blast Machine

    Automatic Sand Blast Machine, belt conveyor sand blasting system is suitable for sandblasting process of flat type, plate type, square type.
  • Colo-1212


    Turntable Sandblasting Cabinet

    Application&Advantage: This sandblasting machine suitable for heavy workpieces,such as various types of mold, tree, statue, castings, motor, etc.
  • COLO-1212W


    Wet sandblasting cabinet

    The choice of abrasive blasting, if your goal is to remove the surface of the oxide skin, burr, you can use with water chestnut spray material.
  • CL-1080Z


    Automatic Tumble Blasting Machine, Tumble Blast Machine for Sale

    Specially designed manual carts (electric carts), can be cart add turntable sandblasting cabinet,