Vibratory box feed unit

  • Colo-660V
  • Colo-660V
  • Colo-660V
  • Colo-660V


Vibrator Powder coating system

High Quality, High transferable efficiency, Environmental-friendly, User-friendly, Safely

This system was designed with the Pulse Power Built in its
Electronics it is specially balanced for the maximum spray capability with
the Smoothest Finish Possible. Only in a Colo!

Enhanced coating quality of flat and complex parts.

Feature :
Manual powder coating system with
1,max electrostatic efficiencied
2,Rapidly cleans the powder inside the gun and powder hose
3,Reduction of powder consumption
4,with pulse function, more suitable for spraying complicated shape
MORE FEATURES: 3 coating programs can be stored in thecontrol unit, which includes also 3 preset standardprograms. They are perfectly confi gured tocoat fl at parts, complicated parts,recoat partsand can be easily selected via the display pilot

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