Fluidizing hopper unit

  • Colo-800D-L2
  • Colo-800D-L2
  • Colo-800D-L2
  • Colo-800D-L2


Powder Coating Spray Gun

Long-life, touch-key controls and LED displays for easy adjustment of both gun voltage and micro-amp current limit.

The colo-800D-L2 manual spray gun is lightweight, compact, yet exceptionally rugged and reliable, to provide optimum operator comfort and control, while withstanding tough conditions in a typical powder coating production environment. 

The Control unit combines performance features and technology with an easy-to-use operator interface for optimum
coating performance. 


Voltage 220V-110V review board computer

Frequency 50/60 HZ

Temperature range (-10 ° C) (50 ° C)


Gun weight 500 grams.Input

Voltage 200V-110VOutput voltage 24 V DC

Maximum Output Amps 180 Ua

Maximum Output Voltage 0-100 KV (adjustable)

Painting maximum injection 600 gr. / Min.

Negative Polarity (-)


Pressure max. Air inlet 8 Kg. / Cm.

Optimum working pressure 6 Kg. / Cm

Minimum Operating Pressure 4 kg. / Cm

Max. Cont, water vapor 1.4 g / N m3

Max. Cont, steam oil 0.1 ppm.

Max. Air consumption 13.2 m3 / h

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