Fluidizing hopper unit

  • CL-161S-F
  • CL-161S-F
  • CL-161S-F
  • CL-161S-F


Manual Powder Spray System

new powder coating system CL-161S that help you do the highest quality powder coating

New, easy-to-use all-digital controller
with LED displays 

The revolutionary  manual powder spray system is packed with features to provide unsurpassed operator control, coating
capability and ease of use for an unprecedented level of coating performance on demand
manual coating equipment
Electrical data
Nominal input voltage 230-240 VAC
(110-120 VAC)
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Input value 150 VA
Nominal output voltage (to the gun) max. 12 V
Nominal output current (to the gun) max. 1 A
Protection type IP 54
Temperature range 0 to 40°C
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