Fluidizing hopper unit

Hangzhou Color Powder Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd is a leading China fluidizing hopper unit manufacturer and supplier, welcome to wholesale fluidizing hopper unit products from us. At present we exported into more than 100 countries for 10 years ,more and more user choose COLO and Satisfied with COLO.
  • CL-181S


    Manual coating spray gun

    CL-181S offers 3 pre set standard application programs for flat parts, profiles and recoating based on COLO more than 15 years experience.
  • CL-191S


    New Manual coating systems CL-191S

    CL-191S New Manual coating systems , powder coating systems, powder coating machines,
  • Colo-800D-L2


    Powder Coating Spray Gun

    features a hopper to hold large quantities of powder for continuous use
  • Colo-660


    Pulse manual powder coating system

    colo-660 series innovative manual powder coating system
  • Colo-151S


    Fluidizing Hopper Unit

    It is ideal for medium to large production runs and gently fluidizing the powder, right in the hopper
  • COLO-668


    Manual Powder System

    manual powder coating system, which offers a variety of advanced coating features