Automatic coating system

  • COLO-151S-A
  • COLO-151S-A
  • COLO-151S-A
  • COLO-151S-A


Automatic gun control unit system

High Quality, High transferable efficiency, Environmental-friendly, User-friendly, Safely designed

The  CL-151S(CG06 )Automatic gun control unit allows the
configuration of process parameters (air settings, high voltage
settings), system parameters, process data, status information
and the powder hose correction values. All air volumes
can be controlled centrally by the unit

The handling is simple and self-explanatory. The coating
personnel can save individual settings, based off personnel
experience, in 250 different programs.

All settings for efficient powder coating are simple to operate
and repeatable. The control unit electronics permit the exact
amount of powder delivery and the adjusted values can be
read on the digital displays.

The  CG06 unit can be connected to all mains voltages
between 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, single phase.

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