Painting line accessories

  • colo-C-S
  • colo-C-S
  • colo-C-S
  • colo-C-S


Coating line accessories

design ,produce ,export spraying line conveyor system

Coating line series accessories are as follows:

1. Chain categories: standard, heavy-duty horizontal wheel and vertical wheel heavy, special heavy.

2. Track type: straight track, horizontal elbow, lifting group, dial elbow, elbow and other special track inspection.

3. Drive: various drives.

4. tensioning categories: heavy vertical seat adjustment formula, the spring-loaded seat adjustment.

5. spreader categories: Cross disc spreader, cross spreader, Y-type spreader, gear and other special spreader spreader.
Other Products
  • colo-P-02
    Dipping pretreatment
  • Colo-P-01
    spraying tunnel
  • Colo-150
    chain for powder coating conveyor system
  • Colo-HD-262
    infrared catalytic burner
  • colo-L-C
    conveyor system for powder coating line