Automatic powder coating line

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  • Colo-L-D
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Powder Coating Line Design Service

Powder Coating Line Design Service, we supply kinds of sulotions for powder coating applications project.

  We-provide professional service of powder coating line designing,
manufacturing, assembling, commissioning and training in the coating industry. We have built up many projects in China and abroad.

we is able to "Right-sizing" your powder coating system.
1) Pretreatment: Dipping pretreatment with overhead crane, or fully automatic spraying pretreatment
2) Conveying system: closed-circuit conveyor, power and free conveyor, multi-track
conveyor, and so on
3) Oven: batch oven, combination oven, bridge oven, tunnel oven
4) Powder coating booth: stainless steel booth or coated steel booth
5) Powder recycling facility: cyclone system or cartridge filter system
6) Control system: PLC control, with or without touch screen
7) Spray gun and reciprocator:

Other Products
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    Powder supply central
  • COLO-3000/s01/so2
    Automatic Powder Recycling System
  • COLO-4000
    Semiauto Powder Recycle Equipment
  • Powder sieve machine colo-3000-R
    Powder Recovery Systems
  • Colo-L-03
    compact powder coating line