CG/CW/CN spare parts

Hangzhou Color Powder Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd is a leading China cg/cw/cn spare parts manufacturer and supplier, welcome to wholesale cg/cw/cn spare parts products from us. At present we exported into more than 100 countries for 10 years ,more and more user choose COLO and Satisfied with COLO.
  • colo-N-16tube


    16-tube fixed sprayhead nozzles

    16-tube fixed sprayhead nozzles.
  • 631207


    631207 Teflon Charge Module Service Kit

    Teflon Charge Module Service Kit
  • 1093604/1093605


    Manual Gun Lance Extensions

    Encore manual gun lance extension replacement
  • 233469


    Vantage Manual Gun Lance Extensions

    Lance Extensions
  • 165633


    Powder Transfer Pumps

    Powder Transfer Pumps replacement and spare parts
  • 100 plus

    100 plus

    100 Plus Feed Pumps

    100 Plus Feed Pumps