CG/CW/CN spare parts

Hangzhou Color Powder Coating Equipment Co.,Ltd is a leading China cg/cw/cn spare parts manufacturer and supplier, welcome to wholesale cg/cw/cn spare parts products from us. At present we exported into more than 100 countries for 10 years ,more and more user choose COLO and Satisfied with COLO.
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    CN powder gun parts

    CN powder coating gun replacement
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    Sixteen-Tube Sprayheads

    sxteen-tube sprayheads include the sixteen-tube cylindrical nozzle,
  • colo-G-E


    gun extensions

    Gun extensions L = 150 mm ,L = 300 mm
  • Nozzle combination for PG 1

    Nozzle combination for PG 1

    spare parts for PG1/PG2A/easyselect /opti gun Parts

    spare parts for PG1/PG2A/easyselect /opti powder gun Serise
  • Powder gun cables

    Powder gun cables

    powder gun cables

    Cables for powder coating gun PG1/PG2A /opti seris
  • 361 534

    361 534

    High-Voltage cascade

    Cascade for PG 2-A Automatic powder gun