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  • A powder coating system shall contain 10 basic elements: 1. Conveyor system 2. workpiece loading area 3. The pretreatment system 4. Dry oven 5. The cooling zone 6. In a closed , temperature / humidity controlled room powder chamber 7. The powder storage chamber is equipped with a climate control device (which may be part of the spraying chamber ) 8. C uring oven 9. The cooling zone 10. workpiece unloading zone  (read more)
  • We are interested in installing a powder coating line. What should we consider? Answer: The most often asked question is How much is it going to cost to convert to powder coating? It seems that this simple question would have an equally simple answer, but it doesnt. Thats because every powder coating system is custom designed using standard components to meet specific quality, performance, part size and production requirements. Right-sizing your powder coating system ensures (read more)
  • super manual powder coating system (read more)
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    What is a clear coat?

    Clear powder coating protects the underlying finish and adds depth and luster to the surface. Clear powder coat is applied as a second coat and sprayed while the piece is still hot. Then the piece is returned to the oven for an additional curing process. We recommend using a clear powder coating on any piece that is exposed to elements that could cause it to fade or be subject to damage.  (read more)
  • There are powders available to achieve a chrome finish. One thing that must be understood is that these are 2-coat processes and they are not an exact match for chrome. However, the advances made in metallic powder coatings have provided some amazing results that are being used heavily by custom coaters worldwide in replacement of chrome plating.  (read more)