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    Anechoic Chamber with Blower

    Anechoic Chamber With Blower Secondary Rovery system have anehoic Chamber, can reduce blower Noise,the blower can Exhaust wind to Workshop interior. Rotor Wing Back Blow system with less noise Secondary Recvery System use small Noise Automatic Rotary filters, so that Clean effection perfect and less decibel and let the filter use more long.  (read more)
  • Powder coating baking temperatures there was a clear effect on the coating color. Because powder coatings have certain restrictions with an organic pigment and a heat resistant temperature of the portion of the inorganic pigments, in particular indoor powder coating composition, some of the resin, curing agent and additives heatproof temperature is not high, so when the baking temperature exceeding this temperature range, the coating film is difficult to achieve color requir (read more)
  • feedbacks from the user testing : When colo-07 powder gun ( latest) with flat spray nozzle performance was excellent , the flat spray fan blowing uniform ( with respect to the old OPTI flat mouth ), when using round spray nozzle powder flow faster, more dilute powder concentration , but customers have a clear sense of the static effect better than other powder spray gun , and no problem of powder leakage within the gun , the center of gravity gun design better, customers fee (read more)
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    powder coating testing-CL-161S

    This is coating by colo new powder coating system CL-161s IT can meet all your require about the powder coating even in the deep corners  (read more)
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    Powder coating troubles

    Problem Cause Measure High voltage display does not operated even after powder is on and trigger is pulled . Electric faulty-The electric line coming into CONTROL UNIT is not property connected . Faulty fuse and bad equipemnt on the part of external power source . .Faulty lamp. .Faulty printed circuit board(PCB) .Faulty line in GUN .Faulty in high-voltage generation part .Faulty trigger switch . connect the power Replace Preplace Preplace Preplace Preplace Preplace Preplace  (read more)