How to Solve Spray Gun Problem With Metallic Powder Coatings?

From:      Date:2015-07-25
Question :
spray normal powder coatings like white, black, blue, red... (without metallic powder coatings) is Excellent. But the problem appears when my client spray with metallic powder coatings.

answer by colo/sally 

Spray metal powders begin normal, then, the voltage is lowered, the current increases. If you use an air gun to clean  powder inside shell surface and blown  channel it will returned to normal.

This is because silver is not binding and silver content is too high, silver metal particles accumulate in the outer surface of the rear surface of the gun case or gun electrostatic powder tract leak away

If the powder is not possible to  improved,  the gun housing requirements are: better insulation powder channel, channel and gun powder shell self-lubricating properties better - that is, not breaded.