How to updated powder recovery system?

From:      Date:2015-07-14
Need to add or modify the powder recovery system conditions:

1, the old is not equipped with a powder recovery system, the amount of increase on the one hand after spraying workshop pollution, on the one hand powder waste. So it is necessary to increase powder recovery system.

2, the old one  use of poor performance of the recovery system (such as the old bag-type recovery system), after a long-term performance continued to decline, would not achieve recovery system due role.

3, expansion of production scale, the need to add new stations to increase spraying capacity.

  We provide a variety of parameters of a full set of "pulse cleaning formula powder recovery system" kit,
recovery system of choice primarily refer to your booth size and shape, and the size of your target product size.

  We can also build the special spray booth to meet your request.