how to rebuild my liquid painting line to powder painting line ?

From:      Date:2015-07-14
If you plan to set up powder  paint  plant from the old  electrostatic  liquid spray line , just add few coating  equipment will be ok 

1, powder recovery booth 
(Must refer to your existing assembly line conveyor, track, height and spray target workpiece size pendant determine the entire powder recovery booth size and technical parameters).

2, electrostatic powder spray machine 
(Highly recommended to include a high-performance colo-800D-type electrostatic spray machine, in order to improve efficiency and coating quality, reduce labor intensity, saving powder coating and improve yield).

3, the air purifier 
(Also called oil-water separator, high-pressure air compressor sent through the "compressed air purification" excellent quality, the can filter out most of the moisture and oil).

4, raising the temperature of the original for the paint drying tunnel
Adjust  temperature from 120 degrees(commonly used for electrostatic painting ) into  high temperaturef 185 degrees to 220 degrees for powders 

 If you want, you can retain the old paint spray booth painting line (typically curtain type spray booth), so that your paint line becomes "painting / spray dual- coating line."