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    user manual & catalogue

    if you want to find the user maual or catalogue of colo system ,please email to our technical support (read more)
  • questions : Where can I purchase the powders that your guns spray? answer: we have two factory ,one is produce the powder coating equipment and another factory it is produce the electrostatic powder coatings so if you want to buy the powder paintings just contact our staff we will sent you the color panels and prices list  (read more)
  • qurstion : spray normal powder coatings like white, black, blue, red... (without metallic powder coatings) is Excellent. But the problem appears when my client spray with metallic powder coatings. answer by colo/sally - Spray metal powders begin normal , then, the voltage is lowered , the current increases. If you use an air gun to clean powder inside shell surface and blown channel it will returned to normal . This is because silver is not binding and silver content is too h (read more)
  • Need to add or modify the powder recovery system conditions: 1 , the old is not equipped with a powder recovery system , the amount of increase on the one hand after spraying workshop pollution , on the one hand powder waste. So it is necessary to increase powder recovery system. 2 , the old one use of poor performance of the recovery system (such as the old bag -type recovery system ), after a long-term performance continued to decline , would not achieve recovery system du (read more)
  • If you plan to set up powder paint plant from the old electrostatic liquid spray line , just add few coating equipment will be ok 1, powder recovery booth (Must refer to your existing assembly line conveyor, track, height and spray target workpiece size pendant determine the entire powder recovery booth size and technical parameters). 2, electrostatic powder spray machine (Highly recommended to include a high-performance colo-800D-type electrostatic spray machine, in order t (read more)